As stylists at Bloom Salon, we get a ton of questions regarding Eyebrow Tint. We always love answering questions to help educate our clientele on the services they schedule. We want you to understand our process and the products we use. Here is a little info to help you decide if eyebrow tinting is right for you. 

Eyebrow Tint is a simple process of applying a semi-permanent dye, usually a vegetable based dye or a henna product. The process allows your stylist to create a fuller looking and more defined brow line. A brow tint specialist should try to match your natural color, not darken it. Gray hair can be more stubborn when using brow tinting, so be sure to use a stylist with experience and training. We are not changing the color of your brow with this process. We are changing the shape and fullness of your brow line. 

An eyebrow tint in Papillon can cost, on average, between $30-$50. An eyebrow tint usually takes about 15 minutes after an initial consultation. Our process is to do a brow wax and brow tint together to make sure we achieve the perfect brow line. After a quick wax, your stylist will clean and prep the area around your eyebrow. A petroleum jelly will be applied to keep dye from setting where we don’t want it. Your brow tint color will then be mixed and applied. Dye is applied first in the direction the hair grows and then against the grain of hair growth.The dye is left on for a few minutes and then removed with a wet towel. You will see some dye on the skin under the hair, which is why we apply the petroleum jelly around the brow line. This dye will wash away within a couple of days although we recommend not getting your brows wet for the first 12 hours after dye is applied.  

You can expect to see a difference right away with a proper brow tint. Your brow line will appear fuller and more defined. It is important to understand the dye on the skin will go away so brows will not be as dark as they initially appear. Brow tinting is not a permanent process. We recommend our clients maintain the look of their brows by scheduling follow up appointments every 4-6 weeks for touch ups. We know you may have more questions, and we are always happy to make our clients comfortable. Please give us a call or stop by to see us!