At Bloom Salon, we’re constantly training and educating our stylists to ensure we bring you the latest styles and trends. Our Brow and Lash Specialists, Stylists and Makeup Artists are always studying new trends to make sure you leave, looking and feeling your most beautiful. We are seeing some really fun and unique trends with eyebrows in 2021. Thanks to TikTok and some fashion forward runways, we are seeing more color and creativity in eyebrows! If you’re looking for Brow Tint, Brow Wax or a full makeover, we can help! Whatever your look, we’ll help you rock it like no one else. Here are some of the fun eyebrow trends we’re seeing! 

Top Eyebrow Trends for 2021

  1. Eyebrow Slits! Yes, they’re back and back in a big way! If you’re not ready to commit, a high end concealer can help you play around with this look. 
  2. Bleached Brows! Thank TikTok and runways like Dolce & Gabbana for bringing us this look. 
  3. Brightly colored or ROYGBIV Brows! Yep, bring out the middle school science lesson for ROYGBIV. Lizzo and the Fall/Winter Fashion Week made this trend pop! A colorful mascara can make a great brow gel for this look. Best achieved with a light color or bleached eyebrow. 
  4. Lamination and Soap Brows! You’re reading that correctly. Lamination, or the “perming” of eyebrows to make them fuller. Soap Brows are just an old school way of getting fuller brows to stay in shape using soap. The long and short of it, full brows are in! 
  5. Disco Brows! Once you’ve got a soap brow down, add your favorite shimmer from your favorite bright eyeshadow…no glitter! Just shimmer and color. 
  6. Stick Straight Arches. If the trends listed seem a little too much for your brows, don’t worry. Your basic brows just need a new shape definition. Stick straight and pulled up at the ends. 

Some of these looks take a lot of commitment, and some are just fun! We love seeing clients trying new trends. If you’re searching for a beauty salon in Papillion, look no further! From Brow Tint to full hair and makeup, we’ve got you! Whatever your look is, whatever you want your look to be, at Bloom Salon, our stylists want to help you get there. We are committed to making you feel and look your best. Give us a call today to look your best!